The Team


TAJIN ROGERS ’20 is a freshman from Northern Virginia likely majoring in the Wilson School,with interests in political economy, Kurdistan, and Classics. In the spare time he has, he enjoys singing, watching Arsenal FC, and reading the week’s worst #hottakes.

Executive Editor

NORA SCHULTZ ’19 is from down the street, New Jersey. She is studying Politics, Latin American Studies and Visual Arts. She has also been performing and teaching circus for almost half her life and really likes sweet potatoes.

Managing Editor

DEVIN PLUMB ’20 is a freshman from Manhattan, NY. He is interested in politics, economics, and mathematics and hopes to study the applications of game theory in political economy. When he is not busy with his head in a textbook or writing for the Prog, he enjoys watching crime thrillers, running, and philosophizing with friends.

Advocacy Chair

SEYITCAN UCIN ’20  is a freshman from Central Florida. A prospective engineering major, he is passionate about the intersection of science, public policy, and economics. When he’s not working on psets, he’s usually counting the number times Zizek rubs his nose in any particular video.

Communications Chairs

MASON COX ’20 is a freshman from Albany, Oregon. He plans on majoring in either Politics or History. If you can’t find him studying or reading, he’s probably doing what every typical Oregonian does: camping, hiking, canoeing, standing in the rain, or enjoying a cup of coffee.

KATHERINE STIEFEL ’20 is a freshman from Flemington, New Jersey currently in the Integrated Science Curriculum program and considering a degree in chemistry. If you catch her in between labs and problem sets, she’d be more than happy to discuss State and Revolution with you.

Design Editor

MAHISHAN GNANASEHARAN ’20 is a freshman from northern New Jersey. He is a likely Woodrow Wilson School major and enjoys studying judicial politics, legal theory and political economy. In his erratic amounts of spare time, he enjoys reading The New Yorker and engaging in the difficult task of binge-watching comedy sitcoms.

Senior Editors

GEORGE KUNKEL ’17 is a senior from Philadelphia, PA studying Philosophy. He is interested in political philosophy and the American pragmatic tradition in particular. His thesis research focuses on blame and moral development.

JOSHUA LEIFER ’17 is a senior from Wyckoff, NJ studying History. He is interested in the politics of labor and the role of intellectuals in protest movements. His thesis research focuses on the American labor movement in the late Cold War era.

DANIEL TEEHAN ’17 is a senior from Brooklyn, NY studying Comparative Literature, with language study in Levantine Arabic and Hebrew. His thesis research focuses on contemporary Palestinian political theater.

ARARAT GOCMEN ’17 is a senior from Hackensack, NJ studying History with certificates in Statistics and Machine Learning and European Cultural Studies. He is interested in modern European history, contemporary economic history, and monetary policy. His thesis research focuses on the history of the far right and far left in interwar French Algeria.

KELLY HATFIELD ’17 is a senior studying English with a certificate in Creative Writing. She is interested in gender and sexuality studies and developmental psychology. Because she is originally from St. Louis, she spends most of her spare time rooting for the Cardinals and the rest writing, watching baby videos on YouTube, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee.

ASHESH RAMBACHAN ’17 is a senior from Minnesota studying Economics. His thesis research focuses on the applications of neural networks in economic modeling. When he is not reading the latest from the econ blogosophere, he spends most of his free time daydreaming that he can dunk a basketball.

ANDREW TYNES ’17 a senior studying Economics with certificates in African Studies, Environmental Studies, and Political Economy. He is interested in financial regulation and sustainable development. His thesis research focuses on the relationship between credit supply and commodity prices.

Staff Writers

HUNTER CAMPBELL ’20 is from Bennington, Vermont. He plans to concentrate in the politics department.

EMMA COLEY ’20 is a freshman and a proud Midwesterner (well, until election season) from Akron, Ohio. She is interested in studying anthropology, religion, and Latin American studies.

NATHANIEL LAMBERT ’20 is a freshman from Lexington, Virginia and plans to major either in English or in the Woodrow Wilson School. He serves as a USG Senator for the Class of 2020 and is the 2017 Treasurer of the Princeton College Democrats.

NORA NIAZIAN ’17 is a senior concentrating in Politics with certificates in Values & Public Life and American Studies. Her academic interests include political ethics, human rights, and international law. Her thesis research focuses on free speech and genocide denial. She is from Los Angeles, California, the greatest city in the world.